Seminole County Bloodhound rescues 9-year-old (Video)

Seminole County Bloodhound rescues 9-year-old (Video)

seminole-county-puppy-0619Sanford, FL – This afternoon the Jimmy Ryce Center received some great news from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Sanford, FL.  Here’s a copy of the email, and the SCSO facebook posting.

Just wanted to share this good news story from our agency…..our bloodhound, Amber, located a 9 year old special needs child over the weekend.  Our helicopter caught much of the recovery on video.

Amber was donated by the Jimmy Ryce Center in 2012.  ….you may recall we had a community contest to decide her name.  Since then, our community has enjoyed following her training through social media, and this weekend was the first time she successfully located a missing child.

 Everyone at the Jimmy Ryce Center is glad there was a swift and happy outcome.

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  1. Daniela Author September 19, 2015 (5:43 am)

    they do use bloodhonuds (as well as other honuds) but all dogs can smell a million times better than a person. a bloodhonuds abilities are amplified by all the skin they have on their face. but it takes more than a great nose to find people if my kid was lost id ask anyone and everything for help .i really wouldnt be caring about the breed of a dog just as long as someone is looking.References :

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