Application for Membership

If your agency is interested in being considered for a free AKC bloodhound, or you want to join the Jimmy Ryce Center Bloodhound Network with your present bloodhound, please download and fill out the application or simply fill it out and submit it below.

Download and Mail Application

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Please download, fill out and mail or email the application. 

Contact Information

The Jimmy Ryce Center
c/o Mark Young
7545 Campania Way #303
Naples, Florida 34104

Online Application

Please fill out the following online application completely. When finished, please enter the security code and click submit. If there were no errors, we will receive your information and be in touch with you and your department soon.

The Bloodhound Commitment

Commitment to Train Bloodhound to Scent Discriminate and Trail

(The JRC Interprets current through participation in certain continuing training credits required to keep themselves current through participation in certain field courses in scent discrimination and trailing training.)


Committment to keep records necessary to establish your bloodhound's reliability in court and to other departments

Availability to serve as a trainer

Acceptability for participation in bloodhound search for a missing child

Contact Information

Department Information

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