The Jimmy Ryce Center

On September 11, 1995, 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce was abducted, raped and murdered at the hands of a sexual predator on his way home from school.

For three months, his parents led a massive search. Little Jimmy was “everyone’s son.”  On December 9, 1995 Juan Carlos Chavez was arrested. The entire community mourned. Jimmy’s funeral on December 30, 1995 was befitting a head of state.

Our Bloodhounds

The Jimmy Ryce Center provides AKC bloodhounds free to law enforcement to find abducted and lost children.

“A bloodhound has 60 times the scent power of a German Shepherd and is the only dog that can follow a human trail more than a few hours old.  A bloodhound is your best single bet for bringing a child, abducted by a predator, home, alive. We believe that Jimmy would be alive today if a bloodhound had immediately been brought in to search for our son.”Don and Claudine Ryce

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Bloodhounds in the News

The latest news from around the country regarding law enforcement agencies working with bloodhounds.


Jimmy Ryce Center History

All about Jimmy Ryce and how and why the Jimmy Ryce Center exists today.


Teach your Kids

Valuable tips parents can teach their kids so they’re prepared for dangerous situations.


Application for Bloodhounds

If you’re agency is interested in a bloodhound for missing person cases, please fill out this application.


Donate to The Jimmy Ryce Center

Your donation will help us buy more bloodhounds for law enforcement around the country.

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